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bike 2 work


What Can I Buy that qualifies?

  • Bicycle
  • Cycle helmets which conform to European Standard EN 1078
  • Bells and bulb horns
  • Lights, including dynamo packs
  • Mirrors and mudguards
  • Cycle clips and dress guards
  • Panniers, luggage carriers and straps to allow luggage to be safely carried
  • Locks and chains to ensure the cycle can be safely secured
  • Pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant to allow for minor repairs
  • Reflective clothing along with front reflectors and spoke reflectors

salary before tax

Cost of Bike and Accessories

How Much Can I Save?

Your Savings:

Reduction in Tax:

Reduction in PRSI:

Reduction in USC:

Total Savings:

Cost of Bike:

Employer Savings:

Reduction in PRSI:

This example is based on a single person who has no additional tax credits. The savings you will make may vary depending on your tax credits, reliefs, and exemptions; or if you are a public servant. Please check your payslip to see the marginal tax rate at which you are paying PAYE, PRSI and USC.


How Our Bike 2 Work Program works for Employers

We keep it very simple for you to offer this tax based initiative

There are a lot of "Cycle to Work" scheme operators who make money off the backs of bike shops and your employees by offering OnLine Systems with complicated multi steps for both the employer and the employee.

Mc Carthy Cycles is not one of those. We are a bike shop that is very good at we do. We care about you and your employees. We offer our own Cycle To Work package completely free of charge to all and we keep all the form filling and filing mumbo jumbo to an absolute minimum, giving you more time to do what you need to your business!

Offer Our Free Bike 2 Work Program in 5 Easy Steps!

  • Decide to Offer our Bike 2 Work Program to your Employees

    You purchase a brand new bike and safety equipment worth up to €1,000 Tax Free on your employee's behalf. They arrange to pay you back via a Salary Sacrifice agreement over a maximum of 12 months. They save up to 52% off the cost of the bike.
    You then Save up to €108 per employee on by reducing your Employers PRSI Contribution!
    This can quickly add up to some real savings.

    We will handle all the paperwork for you. You do not need to inform or contact Revenue that you are offering our program.

  • Inform Your Employees That You Are Offering Our Program

    We will help you get the program started.

    • We will come to your Business and Hold a Bike 2 Work Open House Info Day

      • We will bring some sample bikes and accessories to show your employees what they can buy
      • We will bring posters for you to post in the coffee room etc.
      • We will show your employees what form needs to be filled out to use the program
      • We will show you what paperwork needs to be kept for Revenue
        • Our Quote or Invoice
        • The Employees Salary Sacrifice Agreement we provide

    • We will bring flyers to leave behind for all your Employees
  • Decide How Your Employees Join The Program

    You can:

    • Ask them to give you our Quote and Their Sacrifice Agreement by hand
    • Ask them to give you our Quote and Their Sacrifice Agreement by Email
    • Let us send you our Quote and Their Sacrifice Agreement by Email
    • Let us send you our Quote and Their Sacrifice Agreement by Post

  • Approve The Employee's Purchase and Salary Sacrifice Agreement

    They will sign this document stating what purpose the bike is to be used for and how much they will pay you back by the week or month over a maximum of 12 months

    • You Keep the Salary Sacrifice Agreement and our Quote/Invoice on File

  • Pay Mc Carthy Cycles for the Employee Purchase

    You Can:

    • Give them a Cheque* for their purchase to bring to the store
    • Post us a Cheque* for their purchase
    • Transfer us the Money by Electronic SEPA Bank Transfer Payment
    • Once the funds have cleared and are received in our account, we will contact the employee and arrange for them to pick up their bike and accessories

Benefits to You

  • Reduce Your Payroll Cost

    Your company will make a PRSI Contribution saving of 10.75% up to a maximum of €108 per Employee.
    This can quickly add up to huge savings.

  • Improve Your Company's Environmental Image

    Encouraging cycling to work reduces carbon pollution and shows the employer has a keen interest in the well-being of the local community and environment. This will improve the company's corporate image and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

  • Improve Staff health, fitness and morale

    People who cycle to work are Healthier, Fitter and Happier. They are also less likely to get sick!

  • Reducing Parking and Congestion Problems

    Introducing a cycle to work scheme will reduce traffic congestion in your business area. Furthermore, fewer allocated spaces will be needed at the workplace for Employee parking. This could free up space for your customers and make it easier for them to get there.

  • Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear

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